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As principal of Sancta Maria College it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. This website is an important source of information for the entire school community and has been awarded star rating on two occasions by scoilnet for its content which gives a great feel for the school.
Our mission statement permeates throughout every aspect of school life. Each person is recognised as an individual with their own characteristics, talents and needs. Our education is holistic. We look at the academic, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our students and aspire to develop our students as well rounded and ready to meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.
Our core purpose is to ensure the highest possible standard of learning in all classrooms. Every teacher wants what is best for all students. We have a caring staff who encourage students to achieve their academic potential. The recent Whole School Evaluation MLL Report from the Department of Education and Skills highlighted the quality of teaching and learning in our school as ranging from very good to excellent.
The role of parents/guardians is considered to be of great significance to us. Creating an environment where school and home work together to create the truly unique individual your son/daughter is capable of becoming is central to us all.
The school community recognises and is grateful for the support from the Board of Management, Parents Association and Student Council in maintaining the unique atmosphere where our sons and daughters can work together in harmony and happiness.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline Moran



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As Deputy Principal, I would like to welcome all visitors to this website. We place students at the centre of everything we do. In this regard, we believe in learning being at the heart of all we offer, in our ability to create fully contributing members of tomorrow’s society.
Our co-educational approach to learning places emphasis on equal opportunity for all, and provides flexibility in response to an ever changing society. We also encourage mutual respect for one another, while the job of learning becomes a reciprocal experience.
We prepare students for state examinations and provide assistance and guidance to the students in a caring atmosphere that seeks to ensure that each student reaches his/her full potential in these examinations.
Equally we encourage student participation in the arts and in sport. Our wide range of extra curricular activities are a fundamental part of our school endeavours, whether it is on the playing fields, the concert stage, the debating chamber, Green Schools project or elsewhere. You will all find your niche whatever it might be. We have enjoyed great success in recent years winning numerous Connacht Gaelic League and Championship titles, provincial soccer titles and two All-Ireland volleyball titles respectively. We were also crowned national champions in Irish debating and public speaking. While we are very proud of our competitive achievements, student participation is still our main priority. We ensure that all students who want to participate are given that opportunity especially in the Junior years.
The atmosphere of camaraderie, achievement, and a sense of belonging are very evident among our student body and can be observed on a daily basis. There are many opportunities for students to perform in the school and indeed the high rates of participation which occur is a feature of the school's commitment to providing these opportunities.
Once more a sincere welcome to all users of this website and we hope that you can find the information relevant to you as you work your way through it.

Finola Foy




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