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School Improvement Plan




Summary of main strengths as identified in
 last SSE in March 2014


Literacy: The target of 10% was surpassed, with the result of 17.5%

Summary of main areas requiring
 improvement as identified in last SSE


Literacy: Some confusion around the administration was voiced by teachers. A more streamlined approach to the administration of literacy evaluation is needed.
Numeracy: as identified from testing, fractions and decimals fell below the improvement target and are in need of further work.

Improvement targets (related to student


Our target for improvement in both literacy and numeracy is 10%

Required actions (related to Teaching and learning
 that will help to achieve the targets)


Literacy: as target has been met, continuation of present practice
Numeracy: A greater focus is required on promoting numeracy in all subject areas. All students will be asked to convert their results in class tests from fractions to percentages or vice-versa.

Persons responsible


All students and teachers
School self evaluation committee
Literacy: Literacy link teacher and literacy team
Numeracy: Numeracy link teacher and numeracy team
Board of Management

Timeframe for action


Literacy: 2012 ongoing
Numeracy: 2013 ongoing

Success criteria/measurable outcomes


Achievement of targets
Attitudinal outcomes

Review date(s) 

May 2015

Ongoing practice to be evaluated in next school year

  • Managing myself and managing others
  • Gifted and talented students





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