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Mission Statement:
Sancta Maria College is a voluntary Catholic secondary school under the trusteeship of CEIST whose core values are inclusive of the Mercy philosophy of education.
We welcome, care for and support all within the school community through the promotion of

  • Respect
  • Being just & responsible
  • Quality teaching and learning
  • An inclusive community
  • Life-long learning

Mercy Philosophy of Education

Inspired by the vision of Catherine McAuley, Mercy Education is committed to holistic development and to the achievement of the full potential of each student, particularly those who are disadvantaged or marginalized.
It is a process informed and influenced by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ and is conducted in an atmosphere of care, respect and joy.
CEIST is committed to on-going whole-school development in collaboration and partnership with the Board of Management, staff, parents and the wider community.

Our Mission Statement encompasses care for the environment and community.
It fosters the holistic development of each individual student and teacher within an atmosphere of care and respect.

Rationale for this Policy.

            To value and develop each member of the school community

            To promote learning at every level for the student

            To know and support the environment and community

To appreciate the environment while understanding other issues in living in rural areas

To promote sustainable environment and sustainable communities.

Goals for this Policy

  • To develop an appreciation of the environment
  • To have an intellectual knowledge of the environment
  • To encourage a commitment to the environment
  • To appreciate sustaining the environment while allowing for development.
  • To promote the use of natural resources in a sustainable manner.
  • To view the environment from local to global.
  • Create awareness through An Taisce and the Green School Initiative.
  • Assess energy use and conservation in the school and wider community.

Roles of Responsibilities

Board of Management

  • To ensure that the policy is developed in consultation with teachers, students, parents and community.
  • To ensure that the policy is effective and implemented, practised made explicit and reviewed.
  • To support and An Taisce and Green Schools Initiative.
  • To ensure Policy is reviewed.

Principal/Deputy Principal

  • encourage activities research, projects, classwork, etc.,
  • Acknowledge efforts and achievements in different areas.
  • Support efforts at environmental awareness in school.


Class Tutor

  • The Class tutor is a key figure in the environmental awareness of the students and should have knowledge of the issues relating to class environmental issues.

Subject Teachers

  • Be familiar with and support environmental awareness policy and report concerns to appropriate authority.
  • Create a positive learning environment in classrooms and school.
  • The subject teacher is concerned for development of the whole person and emphasises the active involvement of the student in the learning process.
  • The class teacher has a major role in the classroom / school environment and setting high standards.
  • Adopt environmental awareness themes through subject teaching.


  • Support the environmental awareness policy of the school.
  • Make recommendations for heightening awareness through Parents Council.


Home School Community Liaison

  • To be the supportive link between the school, home and community.
  • Report environmental concerns to appropriate authority.


Student Council - Students

  • To support the policy by heightening the awareness of litter and conservation.
  • To support the student environmental awareness team
  • Actively promote and become involved in green schools project


Policy Content

  • Environmental awareness will be heightened in relevant subjects such as C.S.P.E., geography, science etc.,
  • Programmes such as L.C.V.P. C.S.P.E. and T.Y. will include aspects of environmental issues when relevant.
  • Knowledge on the environment will be added to by inviting speakers and relevant bodies into the school.
  • Litter and care will be stressed in the classroom, in school and grounds, in the town and wider community.
  • Energy conservation to be highlighted
  • Knowledge of good practice given and its conversion into action stressed

Performance criteria

  • The goals of the Policy are attained
  • The classroom and school are litter free and waste reduced.
  • Students have a sympathetic knowledge of environmental issues.


Monitoring and implementation

  • Principal / Deputy Principal
  • Year Heads/ Class tutors / class teachers
  • Environmental Awareness Team



The Principal reports to Board of Management once a year.


 This Policy is reviewed at regular intervals.
This code was ratified by the Board of Management on April 18th 2016. It was proposed by Mr Andy Durcan  and seconded by Ms.Norah Gavin.  This code will be reviewed and revised in the light of changing circumstances, if such changes occur. 




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